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The Last Farthing Party: Announcement

Farthing Party 2013 will take place on the weekend of September 27-29th at the Hôtel Gouverneur, Place Dupuis, 1415, rue St-Hubert, Montréal, Quebec, H2L 3Y9. This is the same hotel as last year, and it's still not ideal but it will still do.

The hotel contract isn't yet signed, but I hope to have it signed by Monday, and Jenett will be posting about it next week, but the good news is that the room rate is exactly the same as last year -- $130-150 for a room depending on how many people.

Membership is now open -- buy your membership now.

The deadline for membership will be 14th September. There will be no at the door membership.

Membership costs: $38 Canadian or $45 US for cheques, and $40 or $48 for Paypal. Yes, the US dollar is at par, but we have to pay to convert and it's a pain. If you're in the US or elsewhere and you'd like to pay in real Canadian dollars like the ones we need to pay the hotel with, then so much the better.

Farthing Party
c/o N. Cenk Gokce
H-10 Daybreak St.
Nepean, ON K2G 6T9

Please make the cheques payable to Cenk Gokce, and put Farthing Party in the memo line. If you include your e-mail on the cheque, he will send you an e-mailed receipt as well.

or via PayPal to:

If you have not been to Farthing Party before and you're wondering how long to come for, the core is program is Saturday and Sunday from 10 until 18, and it spills over from there in all directions. We have a party in the hotel on Saturday evening and in my apartment on Sunday evening. On Friday we have brunch, expeditions, ice-cream, and usually hanging out somewhere in the evening. On the Monday we often have dim sum and an evening dinner for everyone who is left.

As some of you know, this is going to be the last Farthing Party. I get a great deal of fun out of doing it, but it's also a lot of work, even with Cenk handling the money and Jenett doing most of the hotel stuff. Every year people leave buying membership until the last minute and I have weeks where I wake up in the night thinking I'm going to have to melt down my Prometheus Award to pay the hotel. Then there's the whole thing of printing things out... and trying to find a possible date... and having to find somewhere for Friday night... and people having crises that need sorting out... it takes immense amounts of my time and energy. I never promised to do this forever. After last year I was ready to pack it in, but I felt that I'd be disappointing people if I just stopped without warning. So there is going to be one last Farthing Party, and I hope that everyone who has ever meant to come, or who has come and wanted to come again, will make it this year and make it an exceptionally good one.

There's a possibility that I'll be doing something with a new local con in subsequent years where I'd do some program as essentially a Farthing Party program track, and have the Sunday evening party. Other people would do everything else, and there would be other tracks. If this comes off, I'll let you know. Or if I really miss it and want to do it again, I'll let you know that too. But for now, this is the last one, don't count on there being other chances, come this time if you possibly can.
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