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Friday: a Plan

So, we have a plan for Friday 27th, and this is it.

The idea is that some people will be here already, and others will show up throughout the day, and this plan is designed so that people can meet up at certain times and places. We've done it before and it works better than you'd expect

11.00 Brunch, La Boule au Carre, 3482 St Denis, opposite Sherbrooke metro, same as the last three years. This is a Breton creperie, they have vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options, also meat, dairy and croissants for those who can eat them! They open at 11. They will know we're coming. Directions from the hotel -- take metro one stop on orange line direction Monmorency to Sherbrooke metro. Come out on the west side, signed "St Denis". Come out of metro onto sidestreet, walk west half a block, cross St Denis, the restaurant is right there on the corner. Or if you want to walk it's not far. Walking directions -- walk along Maisonneuve or St Catherine two blocks west to St Denis, walk north up St Denis until you get there.

After Brunch -- Expeditions. We think we will have an expedition to the Beaux Arts to see the Chihuly Art Glass, and an expedition to Marche Jean-Talon to see the market, and we're thinking about a wander around in the Old Port to see the Old Port. There's also a possibility of seeing the ruins of water mills and the outsides of some old houses on the north shore is the island. We're also open to other suggestions. We have several local guides. There's a reasonable amount of flex here depending what people want to do. If there's something you always wanted to do in Montreal and want an expedition for, suggest it in comments.

Afternoon Tea. 16.30. Juliette et Chocolat, on St Laurent and Prince Arthur. the same one as last year. (The one on St Denis is permanently full.) They don't know we're coming, but they're big. If I have time in the week I'll go and warn them. If you're on an expedition, it will wind up there. Directions from hotel -- take metro one stop on green line in direction Angrignon, to St Laurent. Take 55 bus from directly outside the metro and get off at Prince Arthur, which I think is three stops. Walking directions -- walk up St Denis to where Au Bulle de Carre is, walk through the park, walk along Prince Arthur until you come to St Laurent directly opppsite it.

Dinner and Hanging Out. 1900 for 19.30, Maison Kam Fung, 1111 St Urbain, Chinatown. This is trying something different! Ever since Les Gateries closed I've been trying to find somewhere that reliably works for Friday night and nowhere has ever been any good really. We've done lots of different things that didn't work! Our requirements are just too challenging. So instead, I have booked dinner for everyone at Maison Kam Fung in Chinatown. Kam Fung is good reliable Chinese food -- if you have had dim sum with me, this is where, and everyone left ate there once on a Monday after Farthing. This is going to cost $15 per person and Farthing Party will pay the extra, though I will certainly accept contributions. I have ordered a whole pile of their excellent and abundant set menus, including Vegetarian for 6 and extra crispy spinach for everyone -- and we can order extra stuff, it just might not be quick. So there will be lots and lots of food, and nobody will be able to eat everything but everyone ought to be able to eat something, and we will all be there and we will have 8 tables for 10 people each near each other, and they don't mind if we move around. And if anyone wants to come but not eat, just come and don't eat and don't make a fuss about it. And if you're driving here after work from Ottawa or somewhere and getting here later, then we can just order more food. (I appreciate that this is not ideal, but the best is the enemy of the good. And this is possible. And it should be fun.)

To find Kam Fung -- Maison Kam Fung's street address is 1111 St Urbain, but it's upstairs in a mall in Chinatown. How you get there from the hotel is to take the orange line direction Cote Vertu to Place d'Armes, come out of the metro onto the street not into the Palais. Cross the street (Viger) diagonally such that you're on the corner by the Holiday Inn, which is immediately recosnisable by the pagodas on the top. Walk north (uphill), for just over a block, and go into the mall, which is labelled 1111 St Urbain, at a small undistinguished door. You may see "Maison Kam Fung" in neon on the building. Once inside, follow the maze around to the escalator, go up the escalator, follow the maze around to Kam Fung. There's actually a sign with an arrow at the top of the escalator. (There are lifts there too, in which case you want M.)

From Juliette et Chocolat: you can walk (or catch a 55 bus on St Urbain) south (downhill) to Gauchetiere and you're right there.
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