Confessions of a Strange Loop (webbob) wrote in farthingparty,
Confessions of a Strange Loop

A Good Time will be Had by All

My best wishes to all of you at the final Farthing Party. I was at the first and had planned to be at the last, but it has not worked out. In fact, I filled out the paperwork for a vacation this weekend back in March, but my employer appears to have misplaced it (or else I did before submitting it) and that was a problem.

Also, a cold which had been waiting in the wings took its cue from a week of deliberate extraversion in job interviews and has been in center stage since Wednesday night. I don't think it's likely that I'd pass it along, but I sure am tired.

I'm finding all of this particularly unfortunate because I am feeling more communicative and less anxious about traveling to a convention than I have in years. I had prepared a couple of conversation-starting ideas for the weekend:

  • I thought that perhaps building a foldable mini-spectrometer for smartphones might be of interesting to my friends (known and those yet strangers) interested in seeing new dimensions in minerals (in natural forms, glazes, and even frits (though not frites)). Of course, you can follow that link to the Public Lab site and have fun with electron energy levels without me. The inexpensive desktop spectrometer might also be of interest.
  • I have been repurposing the membership badge from the Open Hardware Summit to run a slide show of fanzine illos. I would have liked to share it with you and perhaps have triggered some new ideas for projects. Well, some other time and place, I guess, and perhaps in a more complete state, e.g. with built-in lighting and perhaps even additional controls and better processing to prepare images for display.

Anyway, I hope that you are all having fun up there, and I look forward to seeing (and meeting) more of you on some other occasion.

Jo, the first Farthing Party was great fun for me, and I'm sure the FPs from then until now have been wonderful also. Thank you for your hospitality and generosity, and may your work continue to bring you the readership and accolades you so truly deserve.
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