teenybuffalo (teenybuffalo) wrote in farthingparty,

Seeking a roommate for Farthing Party

I'm making plans to come to Farthing Party (for the first time--woo!) and I'd like to share a room at the Opus.  Are there any female con-goers still looking for a roommate?  Please leave me a comment, if so, and we can go from there.  I would be very happy to split the bill, and I'm a good roomie.  I don't object to snoring, I am quiet and courteous, and I promise not to spit tobacco juice on the floor.

As I've never been to Montreal before, I currently plan to arrive late Thursday evening and leave Monday morning.  I'd be happy to share a room for those four nights, but if you're only going to be there Fri/Sat nights and you want to share a room, that's fine too.
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