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Hotel information

The basics: We're in the same hotel as last year, in the same function space. (And when we get closer, I will do a round-up post of useful info and location stuff from last year.)

The hotel: The Hotel Gouveneur Place Dupuis, at 1415, rue Saint-Hubert, Montréal (Québec) H2L 3Y9. It is at a Metro stop, and has indoor parking (you pay through hotel reception: I need to double check if the rate is the same, but last year it was $18.50 per day)

Cost (for their classic room: there are upgraded rooms above this available.)
- Single/double occupancy: $129 per night (this is $1 more than last year)
- Triple occupancy: $149/night
- Quad occupancy: $169/night

plus taxes, which are roughly $3.50 per room, plus 5% Federal and 9.5% provincial. Free wireless internet. Breakfast is available downstairs but is not included.

Saturday evening: We will again have the cash bar in the space outside Sherbrooke 1 and 2 (the meeting rooms we're using), running from 8-midnight.

To book
If calling from the US/Canada, call toll-free 1-888-910-1111. If calling from overseas, the number is 514-842-4881. This second number is also the direct line for the hotel, if you'd rather just talk to them.

When you call, make sure to mention the name of the room block, which is FARTHING13 (that's 'thirteen' at the end)

ETA: you can now book online: English over at this link, and French over at this link.

Our deadline for the room block is August 27, 2013. The rates are good for 3 days before and after (again, Farthing Party itself is September 27-29th, 2013)

They'll ask for a credit card to hold the room. Our contract this year notes that on arrival, the deposit charged will be the total accommodation fees, including taxes, plus a $50/day security deposit, and after 6pm the hotel reserves the right to release the room for resale.

We did have some issues last year with the main toll-free number not having a clue about the FARTHING13 code: if that happens again, please let me know. (Asking to be transferred to Montreal may also help you.)

Other notes
- If you have problems arranging the room block, please let me know and I will see what I can do (I can be reached most reliably at jenettsilver at gmail)

- The contract this year is very very specific about "No outside food at all in the meeting rooms" (so, if you buy food elsewhere, please make sure you eat it in your room, or the lobby, or whatever, rather than eating it in the function rooms.)

- The hotel has an exercise room and a salt-water pool. There's a supermarket in the same building on the ground floor. And the aforementioned Metro stop. More details available in previous posts in this community, or I'll do a roundup sometime in late August.

Feel free to ask in comments, or in PM, or in email. (I'm normally online a lot, so if you don't hear back in a day or so, please try again, as something may have disappeared in the ether.)

The hotel's website is periodically very slow to respond (and it's being so for me this morning), just to forewarn you.
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