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The necklace conspiracy

Many of you will have heard of this already, but I think it bears recording.

Not quite a month ago, I was in a hotel room in San Antonio thinking about the Worldcon just ended, and looking forward to the Farthing Party still to come.  I thought about all the work that Jo has put into Farthing Parties over the years -- dealing with hotels, worrying about room blocks, organizing programming, opening her home to us and sharing with us food and drink.  And it seemed to me that it would be a good thing to give her some kind of reward.

It didn't take much further thought about what Jo would like, to come up with commissioning a necklace from elisem.  So I sent out emails, and people pledged money towards the project.  I got to present it at the Saturday night party, and many people as well contributed money there.

Here is a list of all the people who contributed (in an order contributed by random.org):

Emily Frawley & Tucker McKinnon
Seth Breidbart
Vicki Rosenzweig & Andy Hickmott
Jonathan Crowe & Jennifer Seely
Theresa Mecklenborg & Brooks Moses
Beth Friedman
Debra Doyle & Jim Macdonald
Jessica Cohen
Frances K R & Chelle Parker
Joel Polowin
Alison Sinclair
Cenk Gokce
Cath Jackel & Bill Hately
Shana Rosenfeld
Matthew Surridge
Alter Reiss
Christopher K. Davis
Marissa Lingen & Tim Cooper
Adrienne Seel, Eugene Heller, & Alison Wall
Patrick & Teresa Nielsen Hayden
Duncan MacGregor
René Walling
Caroline-Isabelle Caron

ETA: And Don Fitch was inspired by this post to contribute, as well.

On the necklace itself, Elise outdid herself.  She said that the project attracted to itself a number of beads that she had thought were going to be pendants -- it has agatized dinosaur bone, and fossil coral, and boulder opal, and lava from Iceland, "and and and...."

I was stunned.  For myself, I could not be happier with how it turned out.

Its name is "ibidem", which is Latin for "in the same place".  Elise said further:

And that's what Farthing Party has always felt like to me:  somehow, no matter which hotel we happen to use that year, and which combination of people we happen to get, we're all together again in the same place, that glorious place where we talk and think and laugh and learn and share and embrace. Also, it's a bit of a joke, because so many of the beads are landscapes or places, and while they aren't all of the "same place" by any means, they're all of the realm of story.  And that's our place, too.   And even though I don't happen to be coming to Farthing Party in person this year, I'll still be in that place with all of you, in my heart, sharing stories and seeing the look on Jo's face and greeting everybody who's made it back to The Same Place, as it were.

Here's one of the pictures Elise took when it was done:
the necklace

And you can see the full gallery at Elise's site.  (Well worth checking out!)
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