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Farthing Party
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Farthing Party
This year's Farthing Party will be September 27-29th

2012: August 3rd-5th

2011 September 23-25th

2010: August 20-22nd 2010

2008: August 29-31st.

2007: September 7th-9th.

2006: September 15th-16th.

This is a community for people coming to the Farthing Party. It's simpler to maintain than a mailing list.

I'm going to be posting information here from time to time, and it would also be appropriate for people to post asking about roomshare or that sort of thing. I'm really not expecting this to be a very high traffic community.

Farthing party is a weekend event in the Opus Hotel in Montreal, with programming. If you would like to come, please buy a membership as far in advance as possible, and keep checking this community for updates.